Commercial Brewery Tanks

The various tanks used in the production of beer are often referred to as brewery tanks in a general sense, but there are specialized tanks for separate phases of the brewing process. Because of drastic temperature changes required to boil raw ingredients and then cool them for the process of fermentation, our brewery tanks are manufactured from durable materials to withstand these harsh conditions.

Features of all Canadian Brewhouse Supplies brewery tanks include:

  • Suitable for microbreweries of all sizes
  • Available in standard sizes, and customer sizes for your made-to-order specifications
  • Durable materials that use 304-grade stainless steel in all parts coming into contact with your beer

Quality Control

Our rigorous attention to detail ensures the required levels of sanitization are met, to guard against contamination in the brewing process. Our brewery tanks are sold as a complete unit, including valves, pumps, a heat exchanger and controls. We are also able to provide technical support and brewing guidance after final delivery.

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