Bright Conditioning Tanks

Bright conditioning tanks, or brite tanks, are another variety of secondary tank. Unlike fermentation tanks, ‘bright tanks’ can also be used as a serving tank when the time comes for the kegging or bottling of the finished beer product. No matter what name you happen to use for this important piece of beer making equipment, these commercial brewery tanks also serve as a storage area where secondary fermentation and beer maturation can take place. This is the step that can separate great beers from the mediocre.

The bright conditioning tanks supplied Canadian Brewhouse Supplies are brilliantly crafted, with the following attributes:

  • Adjustable legs
  • Made with 304-grade stainless steel (food grade)
  • 25% head space
  • Reinforced flat bottom

High Quality Construction

Because of the pressure that builds during secondary fermentation, bright tanks must be built to last, while still meeting or exceeding food safety regulations. It’s a tall order, but bright tanks from Canadian Brewhouse Supplies are more than up to the task.

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