Brewery Equipment

Brewery tanks are essential to the production of top-notch beer, but that’s not all that matters. The equipment used to get beer in the bottle or out of the keg can have as much impact on the finished product as the equipment used to brew it.

Canning Line & Bottling Equipment

Whether you’re a microbrewery or big label, the decision to go with canning or bottling is one every brewery must make. The upfront cost of a beer canning line is generally higher than it is for bottling equipment, but cans are lighter and therefore easier to transport, they offer more space for branding, and they are completely air-tight which protects beer from light and other contamination hazards.

No matter which packaging option you choose between cans and bottles, Canadian Brewhouse Supplies has the right system to help you get your beer into the hands of your distributors and customers. Some important features of our lines include:

  • Modular design to allow for increased production, as required
  • In-line filling technology
  • Small footprint
  • Main transfer conveyors
  • Cycles for purge and fill
  • Lid application with a single or dual head seamer
  • Air and water rinse functions
  • Modern touchscreen display

Canadian Brewhouse Supplies can help you choose the right canning system or bottling equipment for your craft beer operations based on state-of-the-art technology and the unique needs of your brewery.

Keg Cleaning & Filling Machinery

Contamination can spoil any batch of beer, which is why all of our brewery tanks and stainless steel kegs are made of food safe materials. However, the brewing process is not the only point where proper hygiene is a must. When transporting beers to their final destination, the kegs must be thoroughly sanitized, along with all of the keg filling materials that will come into contact with the beer.

Canadian Brewhouse Supplies is proud to supply only the best keg cleaning and filling machinery. Our product line features:

  • Expandable production capacity that ranges from 10 to 35 kegs per hour
  • Cycles include Emptying, Depressurization, Cold Water Flush, Sanitizing, Cold Water Rinse, Steam Sterilization, CO2 Fill and Keg Filling.

Microbrewery  establishments or pubs, or restaurants that tap beer from kegs, rather than directly from tanks, also need appropriate keg cleaning equipment to ensure proper sanitation. This equipment can be used to fill kegs of cider, wine or other beverages.

Transfer Pumps

No matter what type of system you settle on for your operations, all brewery tanks have one thing in common: the need for transfer pumps to get the beer either into a conditioning tank for secondary fermentation or into a keg or bottles when it is ready.

Transfer pumps are the device used for this all-important step in the beer-making process. Canadian Brewhouse Supplies offers transfer pumps for every application. Features include:

  • Sediment filters to remove impurities
  • Automatic shutoff switch
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Transfer rates between 5-15 litres per minute
  • Adjustable flow rate

When you start your beer making adventure with Canadian Brewhouse Supplies, you’re working with a trusted partner that can supply the right equipment for your unique brewing needs. We use superior materials and maintain strict manufacturing controls to provide superior craft brewing equipment that offers a great value. We look forward to helping you choose the best equipment for your brewing needs, at every phase of your operations.

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