Fermentation Tanks

Canadian Brewhouse Supplies offers a broad range of beer brewing equipment including fermentation tanks. Our fermentation tanks are designed to your specifications to help ensure a consistent result for every batch of beer.

In addition to incorporating all of the necessary food-safety precautions (304-grade stainless steel in all components), features of our tanks include:

  • 60-degree conical bottoms
  • Pressure valves to ensure safety and to protect the tanks from the damaging effects of over-pressurization
  • Sampling valve that offers convenient access to monitor the progress of your beer throughout the fermentation process
  • Adjustable pressure to allow the brew master to manually adjust pressure to achieve optimal carbonation
  • User-friendly port for dry hopping at the right time in the brewing process

Product Options

Our fermentation tanks are also available in pressurized and non-pressurized formats. Note that fermentation tanks are best used for this portion of the brewing process, and are not suitable for storage, filtering, bottling or maturation.

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