Commercial Brewing Supplies

Canadian Brewhouse Supplies manufactures and distributes superior kegs for commercial use by breweries around the world.

Professional Grade Brewery Kegs

Our professional keg series is manufactured in Canada to exacting specifications. We use machine welded 304 Series Stainless Steel, micro-matic style valves and reinforced bottoms and chimes to ensure a functional, long-lasting product.

From the strength, stability and durability of industrial beer brewing equipment to the flexibility of micro beer brewing equipment, we have the tools of the trade you need to ensure the right conditions for a perfect batch of beer every time.

Our products are made with superior materials, and our manufacturing processes are carried out with strict quality control standards and testing to maintain our reputation for excellence and value. In other words, we take the business of beer making as seriously as you do.

Buy the best beer brewing equipment Canada has to offer, without paying a single extra fee, or wondering if an overnight change in the exchange rate will cut into your margins.

Local Supplies, International Value

Many Canadian beer companies hoping to make the leap from small, private batches to larger commercial operations are frustrated when shopping for professional beer brewing equipment. All too often, it’s hard to find high-quality beer equipment without importing it from overseas. Shipping, taxes and import fees are huge expenses that affect the bottom line.

Thankfully, with the help of Canadian Brewhouse Supplies, you can buy the best beer brewing equipment Canada has to offer, without paying a single extra fee, or wondering if an overnight change in the exchange rate will cut into your margins. We’re sure you will find that our professional beer brewing supplies are of the highest quality available.

In fact, we are proud to offer products that adhere to the highest measures for keg manufacturing. Better still, we do this while maintaining prices that are competitive with our American and European counterparts.

If you are based outside of Canada, be sure to check the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar, the pound, or the Euro. You may find that with the competitive pricing offered by Canadian Brewhouse Supplies, combined with favourable exchange rates, you can purchase top-notch commercial beer brewing supplies at prices that are much lower than expected – even with shipping, taxes and import fees.

Quality First-More than a Slogan

At Canadian Brewhouse Supplies “Quality First” is more than a slogan – It’s our trademark. Our rigorous manufacturing process and commitment to the use of top-notch materials results in an exceptional end product. Our machine welding process means we can offer our clients reinforced products with smooth joints to avoid bacteria, and our valve systems protect against unwanted air or pollutants being introduced into the keg.

The end result is beer that looks and tastes exactly the way it was intended.

Our goal is to ensure our clients’ satisfaction by producing a keg that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

We stand behind our kegs by offering a one-year warranty on all of our products, and we also offer price matching on comparable products. We know you’ll find that our kegs are superior in quality and competitive in price.

We are 100% Canadian owned and operated, and with 7 years in the brewing industry, we have the experience and technology to keep your brew at its best.

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