Microbrewery Equipment

There is no denying that the microbrewing scene in Canada has reached the level of mass acceptance. There are over 600 craft breweries in Canada, and more than 100 of those are in British Columbia alone. Canadian Brewhouse Supplies is proud to be a leading supplier of equipment for microbrewery operators in Canada.

Every great brewery starts with great beer, and great beer is made by using the finest equipment to ensure consistent results with every batch. Learn more about our equipment, our manufacturing processes, and the reasons why you should choose Canadian Brewhouse Supplies for all of your brewing and distribution equipment needs.

Micro Beer Brewing Equipment

When you are starting a microbrewery, or you are expanding your existing operations, the importance of investing in high-quality equipment cannot be denied. We offer the following micro beer brewing equipment for your brewery operations:

Brewery Kegs

We manufacture and distribute commercial-ready kegs using food-grade 304-Series stainless steel with reinforced chimes and bottoms. Stainless steel beer kegs offer a practical alternative to bottling if your beer is travelling over long distances. We use first-class materials and a rigorous manufacturing and inspection process to provide craft brewery operations with equipment that is second to none. We also offer custom branding on brewing kegs to show off your unique style.

Beer Conditioning Tanks

The secondary fermentation process is crucial because of the additional carbonation that comes with it. It is also during this step that the beer clarifies and develops its crisp finish. Whether you require jacketed or non-jacketed conditioning tanks or conical or flat-bottomed tanks, we can provide products to suit your specific needs. We apply the rigorous food safety and inspection standards that you would expect from only the finest microbrewery equipment manufacturers.

Sanitation and Equipment

One small contaminant can ruin an entire batch of beer. That’s why it’s important to invest in keg cleaning equipment that will remove every last trace of residue from your commercial beer kegs before they are re-used. But it’s not just the kegs that can pose a problem! Improper seals or positioning of the filling machinery can also put beer at risk for contamination. Let us help you choose the right sanitation and filling equipment for your beer brewing operations.

Beer Distribution Equipment

When demand for your beer outstrips what you can provide in a single location, canning and bottling equipment is the next logical step to help you deliver your product to more thirsty customers. If you are struggling to decide between cans and bottles, we can help you analyze the costs to help you determine the best solution in the long-run. Once your needs are determined, we can help outfit your brewery with the right packaging system.

Commercial Brewery Tanks

Our tanks are suitable for microbreweries of all sizes. Made of durable, food-grade materials, brewery tanks from Canadian Brewhouse Supplies are built to withstand the vast temperature differences that come with boiling and cooling cycles that are part of making beer. Our tanks come in standard sizes, but custom sizes are available to suit the dimensions of your brewery.

Why Choose Us as Your Microbrewery Equipment Supplier?

At Canadian Brewhouse Supplies, beer is not just a hobby; it is our way of life. Whether it’s in our capacity as an expert microbrewery equipment manufacturer, or that of our sister company, Hops Canada, providing the finest fresh ingredients to make it, we know beer inside and out. We are uniquely qualified to help you find the right equipment for your operations. And if we don’t have exactly what you need, we will find a way to get it – even if that means making it ourselves.

We have dedicated ourselves to making safe, durable equipment that allows your beer to speak for itself. When using finely-crafted microbrewery equipment, your finished beer product will taste better and last longer. In addition to everything you need to brew and distribute craft beer in Canada, Canadian Brewhouse Supplies can also offer you expert support and advice to help you get the most out of your micro beer brewing equipment.

We provide equipment for brewery operations all over the world. We are not just a microbrewery equipment supplier, assembling and distributing products made somewhere else, we are a leading microbrewery equipment manufacturer.

Whether your microbrewery is a large, existing operation or a start-up just getting off the ground, we can help pair you with equipment that helps your love of beer shine through in every sip. Contact us today!

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